It is critical to a student’s success that her family grows with her through the process of healing. Parents are part of the treatment process and are actively engaged in the program experience. Our clinical team works closely with students and their families to create opportunities for direct and open communication, healing and growth through weekly therapy calls.

Other ways for parents and families to get involved:family-involvement | Chrysalis School Montana

  • Weekly social calls (at appropriate phase)
  • Family week 2x year
  • Father/daughter canoe trip in June
  • Mother/daughter retreat in August
  • Adventure outings
  • International travel program
  • Letter writing
  • On-site family therapy
  • Planned visitation

In person family therapy sessions are conducted at the fall and spring family weekends, along with local visits. We want you to be a part of the journey! Come join us on the ski mountain, for a hike, or for an on campus meal.

“At first it was, ‘Here’s my daughter, now fix her.’ With time and your guidance, I have come around to, ‘How much I can impact not only my daughter’s health, but my own?’ Now, not only am I getting my daughter back, but I am also finding myself.”
– Parent