Healing hurt. Healing daughters. Healing families.

While having your daughter enrolled in a therapeutic boarding school can be hard work, it is also a wonderful transformative experience for the entire family. It takes hard work, but Chrysalis heals families. Success is possible, and it happens all the time here at Chrysalis. Ask us about our data collection and how we measure student and family health.

Chrysalis-Therapy | Chrysalis School MontanaOur seasoned team of therapists is comprised of a group of dynamic master’s level clinicians. Each therapist has a deep passion and skill set in treating adolescent girls. We commonly see trauma, relational difficulties and mood disorders. Diverse backgrounds and high levels of expertise bring a sophisticated approach to the clinical component of our school. These academic and experiential qualifications, blended with the passion our therapists have for helping families, create the ideal environment to help your daughter grow.

Healthy relationships are the key to healing. Trust is the key to healthy relationships.

Each therapist at Chrysalis begins the process of relationship-based therapy by getting to know the student and her family, understanding their family system, building trust, and working on a plan for the future. Then the core work of growth and healing begins.

Building relationships – starting with the one a young girl has with herself.

Our clinical program addresses our students' challenges that cause pain, shame, fear or anger, and lead to poor behavior and/or unhealthy choices. This takes honesty, hard work and patience on behalf of the therapist, family and student alike.

Students learn to work through difficult emotions in various sessions:

  • Individual therapy once a week
  • Family therapy once a week
  • Group therapy at least three times a week
  • Specialized group therapy for subjects such as adoption, body image and substance abuse recovery

1406-01 0251Because Chrysalis is dedicating to helping families heal, parents are a huge component of what we do. We provide your student with constructive time with her family to begin integrating her new skills with her most important existing relationships. Two parent workshop weekends as well as one father/daughter and one mother/daughter retreat every year are key elements of the program. Parents are also invited on the international trips when space is available.

By forming healthy relationships with adults and peers, students become part of a community that supports them when they’re struggling. Living on campus, students have frequent access to clinical staff, enabling deeper individualized engagement in our program beyond scheduled therapy sessions. Clinical staff members are, in fact, part of day-to-day student life, whether it be sharing a cup of tea, enjoying a meal, hiking, grooming horses or sitting on the dock by the lake.

“One of the big reasons we brought our daughter to Chrysalis was that we loved the sense of community. We wanted our daughter to be part of that community.”
– Parents