Adventure-Snowboarding | Chrysalis School MontanaTo grow on the inside, head to the outside.

At Chrysalis, we teach students to imagine and explore new ways of coping and living. Fostering healthy risk-taking behavior in adolescent girls is a central component of our program. While the term “risk” may have a negative connotation and elicits images of unhealthy behavior, risk-taking also helps a young student shape her identity. Healthy risk-taking behavior can result in a positive sense of self and bolster your daughter’s self-esteem.

For example: one Chrysalis student on a ski outing was afraid to take the chairlift. Later in the season, with the support of her Chrysalis family, this particular student finally found the courage to take the lift and ski down a novice trail. Her emotional triumph immediately led to breakthroughs in her family relationships. At Chrysalis, we put an emphasis on taking advantage of our beautiful northwest Montana location to offer any recreational interest imaginable that can help students grow in overall confidence and well-being.

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Recreation & Adventure Travel | Chrysalis SchoolThe widely acknowledged Chrysalis adventure program may exceed any other within our profession. We take great safety precautions as we engage students in challenging experiential activities filled with healthy, appropriate risk. These challenges are vitally important to students who need to conquer self-doubt, poor self-esteem, past failures, or debilitating fear and anxiety.

Success on a ski run or mountain summit translates to a positive and successful self-identity. Students learn to have fun in healthy ways. Girls grow to be strong young women, confident in their ability to overcome obstacles and develop effective solutions, no matter what they come up against in life.

Our 67-acre campus becomes part of the expanded classroom, each environment bursting with rich learning opportunities.

chrysalis-therapeutic-boarding-school-girls-healthy-recreationYear-round, Fridays & Saturdays focus on adventure, which can consist of:

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Boating
  • Other activities as opportunities arise

Throughout the year, there are various trips students can go on, including overnight backpacking, rafting, and biking trips. Every July, the entire campus participates in trail work and hiking in Glacier National Park.

Exploring new ways of looking at the world is a thread that runs through our entire program, and is integral to student growth at Chrysalis. Our public service, adventure and travel programs allow students and their families to experience a diverse array of places, cultures and lifestyles and help usher students into the world as responsible citizens.

1406-01 0345Family Participation

At Chrysalis, we invite and encourage you and your family to participate in many of the scheduled adventure outings throughout the year. These activities build and reinforce the mutual trust that is integral to the growth of relationships.

Mother/Daughter Retreat

We are firm believers in helping all family members learn the skills necessary to develop and maintain healthy, long-lasting relationships. This is why every year in August we host a mother/daughter retreat. Just as you love and support your daughter, your daughter can also show her love and support for you. Our skilled clinical staff engages mothers and daughters in important conversations about femininity, family bonds, and trust. The retreat gives young women and their moms time to reflect, reconnect, express feelings of love and gratitude, heal and deepen relationships. The power and grace of what comes out of this trip could not be matched with a more appropriate setting.

Possible retreat activities to look forward to include:Ski-lift | Chrysalis School Montana

  • Art projects
  • Ropes course
  • Swimming
  • Paddleboarding
  • Spa activities
  • Boating
  • Yoga

Father/Daughter Canoe Trip

To help strengthen the bond between fathers and daughters, each summer in June, Chrysalis students and their fathers embark on a three-day journey afloat the wild and scenic Upper Missouri River in eastern Montana. While paddling a canoe together, dads and daughters reflect, learn and connect throughout this unique experience canoeing part of Lewis and Clark’s discovery path through the West. This trip blends physical strength with problem-solving as fathers and daughters work together to canoe the river.

We paddle, play and laugh all the way, as fathers and daughters participate in group and individual therapy sessions that spark continual conversations while we float. The natural elements provide an opportunity for fathers and daughters to make meaningful connections in an exciting environment that is unique to Chrysalis.swimming

Daughters show their fathers the camping and cooking skills they’ve learned. Fathers get to know Chrysalis staff and other families. Together, they wake up early to coffee and the sunrise over the bluffs. A delicious breakfast closes the adventure while participants reflect on the journey behind them and draw connections to the journey ahead.