Perspective on a global scale.

International travel is another exceptional aspect of the Chrysalis difference, and it’s been part of our program since our inception in 1998. ThisInternational-Travel | Chrysalis School kind of exposure, including the public service component we incorporate, can shift a girl’s understanding of the world and be life-changing. Often, just meeting someone from another culture who is happy with so very little has an incredible impact. Students begin to better understand that they are meaningful in the universe, not the center of the universe.

Cultural immersion, education, adventure and service: these are the building blocks of our international travel experience. We have hiked the ancient trails of Machu Picchu, seen priceless works of art, visited mysterious sites of ancient and vanished cultures, built gardens at an orphanage, participated on coral reef restoration, and shuttled baby sea turtles to their ocean home in Mexico. On these trips, students seem to find themselves completely open to self-discovery and universal truths. We are never the same when we return.


Chrysalis offers these extraordinary experiences in international travel twice a year. One international trip is included with enrollment. (Students can participate in a second annual trip at an additional cost, as space allows.) Adventure, service and travel like this are often the highlights of a girl’s experience at Chrysalis. Global exploration can shape an adolescent’s future, educating in ways that would never be possible in any classroom. We also invite parents to join when possible!

“I’ve got everything that my parents' money can buy, but I’m depressed and anxious. These people have almost nothing, but they’re bright and smiling. There’s something important here that I need to learn.”
– Chrysalis Student