Chrysalis teachers use advanced methods and real-world applications to increase interest, learning, and retention. Our teachers are state-certified for all core subjects.

“I have referred families to Chrysalis. Without a doubt, our families have loved the school.”
– Referring Educational Consultant


Chrysalis is a therapeutic boarding school that is uniquely aligned with the local Montana Public school, Lincoln County High. LCHS generates all of Chrysalis’s diplomas and transcripts. Chrysalis maintains all policies and standards in accordance with LCHS.

In addition to the courses listed below, Chrysalis students may take online courses through the Montana Digital Academy (MTDA is the state of Montana’s public virtual High School), Keystone Academy’s High School Program, or BYU Academy’s online High School Program.


Drawing.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

This course is designed to push you to your fullest potential through art production, critique, art history, and aesthetics. We will work with a variety of mediums including graphite and ink. We will learn about art history, contemporary artists, new techniques, and different art movements throughout the years.

Painting.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

This course is designed to push you to your fullest potential through art production, critique, art history, and aesthetics. We will work with a variety of mediums including watercolors, acrylics, and oils. We will learn about art history, contemporary artists, new techniques, and different art movements throughout the years.

Mixed Media.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

In Mixed Media, we will explore the boundaries between the different mediums and then work to cross those boundaries by blending many different mediums (Ink and watercolor, colored pencil and pastels, collage and paints, found objects and drawing, etc.). We will start simply and explore the many ways to express thoughts, ideas, themes, and emotions with images and compositions that span from simple 2-dimensional works to 3-dimensional sculptures and assemblages that use many different mediums.  Students will learn to layer, re-purpose, re-contextualize and combine materials as we work to create meaningful artwork.

Photography.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

This class will not only focus on understanding basic photography terms, tips, and tricks such as aperture.

Ceramics.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

This course is designed to push you to your fullest potential through working with a three-dimensional form: Clay. We will work with the basics, starting with hand-building, learning about pinch pots, slabs, and coils and work our way towards throwing on the wheel. You will be proficient in ceramic terms while learning the steps of what happens to your piece from wet clay to the final firing processed, and composition, but we will be working in the dark room as well. This class will challenge you to get a great photograph through understanding your camera and working in the dark room.


English Explorations.5/semester2 SemestersNone9

Students will study five-paragraph essay format for narrative, expository and persuasive essays. They will research and write mini-research papers using correct documentation. Grammar and vocabulary study will be used to reinforce writing skills. Reading literature, both as a class and with individual choices, will be a major focus. Study skills, organizational skills and media literacy are also included.

World Literature.5/semester2 SemestersNone10, 11

World Literature should expand worldviews. Students will read a certain number of books of their own choosing but with specific constraints on demographic characteristics of authors. As a class, we will read and discuss as many books as possible from a variety of authors, viewpoints, and regions. Most of these books will have associated projects to complete.

Data as Literature.5/semester1 Semester1st semester of World Literature11-12

In this course, students utilize nonfiction novel-length books to explore how factual information can be presented in engaging ways. Students read a selection of texts to gain understanding of how to present information and data in such a way as to make it not only accessible but fun for the public to read. Using this as a springboard, students write a variety of texts to demonstrate their understanding of how to make nonfiction come to life. Course is one semester in length and may be substituted for the second semester of World Literature.

Literature and Composition.5/semester2 SemestersNone10, 11

Literature and Composition is a broadly encompassing reading/writing class. We will work on grammar, word choice, and composition of written works. Students will read many books of their own choosing, and together we will read many books throughout the year of varying difficulties from a demographic variety of authors. We will connect our literature to the world around us, taking lessons from these books to improve our own senses of personal responsibility and citizenship.

American Literature.5/semester2 Semestersnone11,12

This course covers selected works in American Literature from 1865 to the present. Emphasis is placed on historical background, cultural context, and literary analysis of selected prose, poetry, and drama.

Honors Literary Theory and Criticism.5/semester2 SemestersInstructor Approval and all A’s and B’s in English12

This is an accelerated class which includes everything from the regular English curriculum but is more intense in content, structure and pace.  This class is recommended for students who plan to continue on to a four-year college following high school. A’s and B’s in English plus teacher recommendation and approval are required for admission into this class.

Creative Journalism and Minor Genres.5/semester1 SemesterB or better in English; instructor approval9-12

Students will produce a school yearbook in this class. They will learn various journalistic writing styles as well as editing and photography with various computer programs including but not limited to Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe and GoogleDocs. Students will have the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of newspaper and yearbook production. Taking responsibility, self-motivation, and being able to meet deadlines are crucial in this class. Students must have A's and B's in English and be able to work independently. Class size is limited and admission requires instructor approval.

Shakespeare.5/semester1 Semester (summer only)None9-12

In the summer Shakespeare course, students explore the 15- and- 1600s to gain a deeper understanding of the culture in which Shakespeare was living and writing. Using this as a foundation, students then explore one of his plays in-depth by reading it, watching movie adaptations, and attending a live performance, analyzing themes and language and focusing on whether or not, and why, his plays remain relevant hundreds of years later. 



Physical Science.5/semester2 SemestersNone9-12

Students are provided with comprehensive content coverage of physical science integrated with Earth Science.  Students will explore physics and chemistry and learn how these concepts apply to the Earth and Space system.  Throughout the class, inquiry-based labs will be used to assist students in learning science processes and concepts.

Biology.5/semester2 SemestersPhysical Science10-12

This course covers basic biochemistry, cell structure and function, genetics and heredity, organism classification, as well as a basic overview of plants and animals.

Chemistry.5/semester2 SemestersAlgebra II and instructor approval11-12

Chemistry is a laboratory science in which the student becomes familiar with matter and its structure, its composition and the changes it undergoes during chemical reactions.  Both inorganic and organic chemistry are covered. Emphasis is placed upon the understanding of principles rather than memorization. This course has a laboratory portion and students are expected to work well with a variety of individuals.  Advanced Algebra must be taken prior to or in conjunction with Chemistry.

Physics.5/semester2 SemestersAlgebra II and instructor approval11-12

Physics is the study of the interactions of matter and energy.  The topics of dynamics, energy, heat, sound, light, electricity and magnetism are covered.  Quantum theory may be included if time permits. This course is taught with an emphasis on understanding of concepts rather than the memorization of formulas.  A variety of laboratory activities and problem-solving skills that support the concepts are incorporated into the class. Student must have completed Algebra II and it is strongly recommended that they must be taking Pre-calculus or Calculus.

Astronomy.5/semester2 SemestersNone9-12

Astronomy is the branch of science concerned with celestial objects, space and all the rest of the physical universe. The goals of this class include developing a model of the lifespan of the sun and our galaxy, constructing an explanation of the Big Bang and an investigation into the mathematical models that predict the motion of orbiting objects in the solar system.

Environmental Science.5/semester2 SemestersNone9-12

Environmental science is the study of interrelationships between human activities and the environment. We will examine the effects of human actions on the environment and how various policies or regulations impact that behavior. If there is time, we will investigate the historical impacts of various societies on the environments in which they lived.

Human Healthy and Physiology

Human Health & Physiology has been designed to meet the Montana Health Education Content Standards for 9th through 12th grade. The class will explore whole health buy focusing on human biology & reproduction, while exploring gender, sexuality, mental health and advocacy. The class is data driven but utilizes student accessible media to reinforce concepts and ideas.


Social Studies and Social Sciences

World History.5/semester2 SemestersNone9-10

World History is the first course in the Social Studies Program. This course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to understand the major concepts, characteristics, events and people of modern history (1500 - present). The course will include an overview of Western Civilization.

US History.5/semester2 SemestersWorld History10-12

US History is a chronological survey of the United States from the American Revolution to the Cold War.  Students are required to write a research paper one semester and critique a book related to U.S. History the other semester.  This class is open to students in grade 10 and 11.

US Government.5/semester2 SemestersUS History11-12

US Government is a class required of all Seniors. Semester 1 deals with the Vietnam War, a review of the Cold War, and an examination of American Government.  Each student will be required to participate in a selected oral presentation. Semester 2 deals with contemporary issues in American Society such as the Prison System, Youth Violence, Child Abuse, Censorship, and Discrimination.  Each student will be required to present a contemporary essay on a social issue along with a current events journal.

Sociology.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

Sociology is the scientific study of human society.  In this course we will understand the basics of social investigation, a history of the science and, in the last half of the course, conduct small group sociological investigations, as well as look at case studies and social trends identified in the text the course is based upon.

Psychology.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

Psychologyis a social science that is the study of mind and behavior.  This is an introductory broadfield course that will cover the basics and building principals of psychology.  It will explore the different cornerstone careers and focus areas such as abnormal, social, developmental, forensic and cognitive.  This course will be a combination of projects, experiments, independent and group work.

Vocational Education and Graduation Prep

Personal Finance.5/semester1 SemesterNone11-12

This course will help students manage their personal and family finances.  Throughout the course students will learn how to analyze needs versus wants, set financial goals, research financial planning, investigate human capital, read paychecks and tax forms, manage cash, credit and bank accounts, examine the time value of money and savings, identify major expenditure categories, develop a personal spending plan, investigate the stock market, and examine economic systems and consumer decisions.

Career and College Prep.5/semester1 SemesterNone12

This course is designed to prepare students for post high school education as well as career readiness. The ultimate goal is to graduate students who are college and career ready by underscoring the relevance between education and work through early academic and career planning. A major focus throughout the course will be college and career education. Students will develop tools to help them prepare for the pursuit of employment: resumes; cover letters; applications and mock interviews. Students will research post-secondary educational opportunities by conducting college research; preparing college applications and scholarship research including essay writing. Students will create a final portfolio showcasing college and career research.

Family Life/Consumer Science

Cooking/Culinary Arts.5/semester1 Semesters (summer only)None9-12

This course is designed to help students understand kitchen workspace, cooking tools, and cooking techniques.  Food science will focus in the following areas: Fruits and vegetable, grains, dairy and eggs, meat, baking, and food combinations.  On sight Serve Safe certification is available for students receiving adequate scores. Labs are scheduled for once or twice a week. Worksheets, quizzes, exams and projects will be a part of student evaluations.



8th graders may take a math class normally offered to 9th graders but must have pre-approval to do so. These students would then be able to take classes in advance of what they would normally be eligible for throughout their High School tenure.

Algebra I.5/semester2 SemestersNone8 with pre approval 9-12

This course is a traditional first year algebra course.  Contents includes: Equations in one variable; equations in two variables; the Cartesian coordinate system; polynomials; algebraic fractions; and factoring.  Some time is spent reviewing concepts taught in eighth grade math, then students learn new algebraic concepts in a lecture and practice mode.

Geometry.5/semester2 SemestersAlgebra I9 with pre approval 10-12

Subjects from plane, solids, non-Euclidean, and coordinate geometry are covered.  Some review of Algebra I topics is included in this course. Basic computational trigonometry and problem solving using geometric topics is also a large part of this class.

Algebra II.5/semester2 SemestersAlgebra I, Geometry10-12

Attention is given to the practical, applied aspects of algebra, while concepts from Algebra I are reviewed, broadened and formalized.  Normal advancements from this course would be Pre-Calculus.

Pre-Calculus.5/semester2 SemestersAlgebra I, Geometry, Algebra II11-12

This course provides the student with a rich preparation for college courses in Calculus, abstract algebra probability, matrices and determinants.

Calculus.5/semester2 SemestersPre-Calculus12

This course deals with the mathematics of change and motion.  Applications in the field of economy, psychology, and many of the sciences are discussed throughout the course.  A good background in algebra and geometry is essential.

Statistics.5/semester2 SemestersAlgebra I, Geometry11-12

This course is designed to introduce the basic concepts, displays, and computations of statistical measures. Topics include: misleading statistics, appropriate displays of data, the rules of probability, normal distributions, standard deviation, z scores, and sampling of the mean. Math level is appropriate for students who have successfully completed Algebra 1 and Geometry.  Basic understanding of and access to Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice is a requirement.

AP Statistics.5/semester2 SemestersAlgebra II and teacher approval11-12

This course is designed to provide college-level instruction on the concepts and tools for working with data. Students collect and analyze data and draw conclusions based on real-world information. The course challenges students to explore patterns, think critically, use a variety of tools and methods, and report their findings and conclusions.


Choir.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

Choir is a vocal performance group that will study a variety of choral music styles. Perfect for beginners, we will discuss basic music theory and practice sight-singing. Requirements for this course include participation in all on-campus performances.

Music Explorations.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

This course is an exploration of various areas of music. This is a great opportunity for a student to begin learning a new instrument such as the guitar, ukulele, or keyboard or to sharpen their skills on an instrument they have studied before. Students will create their own music-related goals and work on projects related to this goal throughout the semester.

Songwriting.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

The Songwriting course is designed for both the aspiring and experienced songwriter. Together we will explore the fundamentals of songwriting. We will study the songs of many great songwriters from history to the present day as well as learn and practice the art of composing music and writing lyrics. The course combines elements of a creative writing class with a music class. No previous music training is required.

Foreign Languages

Spanish I.5/semester2 SemestersNone9-12

In this introductory course in Spanish, students are exposed to a Spanish vocabulary of about 5,000 words. Additionally, students study various cultures and the geography of Spanish-speaking countries. Students have the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the Spanish language and cultures; learn correct pronunciation in speech and reading; learn the basic structure of the language; and are encouraged to have an open and receptive mind toward cultures other than their own. Students are encouraged to start language study in their freshman or sophomore year.

Spanish II.5/semester2 SemestersSpanish I10-12

Planned as a continuation of Spanish I, this course is designed to stimulate interest in the Spanish language and cultures through development of verbal and aural skills. Spanish II expands students’ vocabulary and grammar skills; increases their knowledge about Spanish history and cultures; and enables students to communicate with native speakers of Spanish.

Spanish III.5/semester2 SemestersSpanish I, II11-12

This course is a continuation of second year Spanish.  Students will review grammar and vocabulary learned in Spanish II, such as future and conditional as well as subjunctive forms of verbs.  More emphasis is placed on speaking and reading, and further developing an active vocabulary.

Health Enhancement

PE/Health.5/semester2 SemestersNone9-12

Two years of physical education must be successfully completed to graduate from high school.  The course consists of instruction in both physical education and health/wellness.  Lifetime sports, leisure activities, health and safety are the basic curriculum activities.

Personal Development.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

This course is designed to help students with building a positive self-esteem, improving decision-making skills, developing communication skills, and conflict management techniques. Teen issues to be discussed may include family dynamics, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, dating and relationships, stress, social media addiction and much more.

Running Club.5/semester1 SemesterNone9-12

In this semester course, students will be assessed on their ability to understand and participate in physical activities that develop motor skills and physical fitness. This will be accomplished through running, aerobic conditioning exercises, fitness activities and stretching, typically in a natural setting. Units may be added or omitted due to weather and availability. Safety concepts, rules, and etiquette are emphasized in all activities. Developing a passion & love for physical activity in a natural setting will be encouraged through class discussion & keeping a running journal.