We are all in this together and determined that no student is left behind.

This is more than just a job for staff; it is our passion. We approach it with the same dedication, integrity and responsibility as we would if these girls were our own. In a way, they are, because we invest so much of ourselves in their care and well-being – psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. We climb the mountains they face alongside them, figuratively and literally.

We also want parents to be as much a part of the team as we are. Being fully engaged in the process allows you and your family the opportunity to grow and develop along with your daughter.

In keeping with the holistic approach at Chrysalis, our executive leadership works together with our academic staff and clinical staff to track and measure a student’s progress throughout the program. Each girl’s Chrysalis team holds weekly meetings to evaluate her relationships and her response to various program aspects. Any necessary adjustments are made by the student’s team members, including: Chrysalis School

  • Primary therapist
  • Residential director
  • Case manager
  • Academic advisor and director
  • Adventure coordinator
  • Residence staff members

Therapists will even partner with the adventure team, join in on international trips, visit with teachers and enjoy meals with a student to evaluate her in different settings and get a more complete picture of her progress.

It’s not only who they are, it’s how they do it.

Chrysalis professionals are intentional in all they do to administer our program, always careful to respectfully guide and instruct without inhibiting a student’s confidence. Their approach is often “out of the box,” creatively responding to student needs during academic and clinical sessions. Making students comfortable in this way helps build trust that leads to more open exchanges, willingness to learn and receptiveness to change.  It is essential to us that your daughter feel safe, secure, loved and comfortable here at Chrysalis.