Chrysalis therapeutic boarding school for girls.

A well-rounded program leads to a well-rounded individual.

Why Choose Chrysalis?

We offer a warm and supportive environment that fosters individualism, self-confidence and a sense of belonging. Our beautiful campus is located in northwest Montana, just five miles from the British Columbia border. We’ve chosen to make our home here because of the beautiful and remote setting which shows our students the benefits of unplugging from the stressors of an urban environment. The tranquility of living on a lake in the midst of the Rockies can be a peaceful reminder to students that there is more to life than smartphones! Chrysalis is home to adolescent girls ages 13 to 18 whose typical length of stay is 12-18 months, but this can be individualized for each resident’s needs. Students live family style in one of three homes, where they are encouraged to build on personal strengths while they examine and challenge old patterns that have prevented growth.



Chrysalis students engage in small, teacher-led classes in our custom school building. Our certified teachers for all core subjects are eager to personalize their academic approach and schedule for each student’s needs.


Family-Style Living

Students live in houses rather than dorms, and meals occur family-style around the table. Roommates provide a cozy setting for friendships and growth to take place, and students work together to make the room their own.


Clinical Excellence

By working to develop personal relationships with students and their families, our master’s level therapists bring a clinical expertise that allows students to develop new, positive habits for becoming stronger, smarter, more aware individuals.



Hiking, biking, rafting, boating, downhill skiing, snowboarding, riding horses – you name it! Chrysalis students stay very active. Our beautiful northwest Montana setting allows for discovery of new talents they can take with them beyond Chrysalis.


International Trips

We are the only residential treatment program that guarantees each student one international trip during her time here at no extra cost. Exposure to other cultures is a vital part of our program; we even invite family to join us!

The World Is Our Campus

Our international travel experience helps our students grow through cultural immersion, education, adventure and service.

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